Garment Care

Looking after your Tall & Chain® clothing...

With all brands of cycling clothing, care is required to prolong its life. There is a lot of information and tips available all over internet, and if you can make your clothing last longer, then your wallet and the planet will both be thankful.

To simplify a lot of daunting advice that the internet has to offer, here are the 3 things to consider when it comes to washing your clothes. If you are lucky enough to have someone do your washing for you, then make sure they are aware of these important points.


Avoid washing with velcro, zip any zips up and wash inside out. This will reduce the chances of damaging delicate technical fabrics. We don't use velcro in any of our garments, but remember that you might be washing with other garments that do.

Wash cool

30 degrees is sufficient to clean cycling clothing subject to normal conditions. It is better to use a stain remover pre-wash if required, rather than trying to wash at higher temperatures.

Avoid the tumble dryer

Some tumble dryers have sportswear settings, and condensing tumble driers operate at lower temperatures, which is important. However, preference has to be to hang clothes up to air dry instead, when it is possible to do so.

Air drying is best, especially if it is a nice day in the alps!

Odours after washing?

In certain conditions it is possible with sportswear that you can end up with sweat odour even after washing. 

We simulated this by wearing a jersey several times before a wash, so we could test the Nikwax Basewash. We applied some to the affected areas before using it in place of standard detergent. The Basewash successfully removed all traces of odour, and we recommend it along with many other brands including Adidas and Under Armour.

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