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Gloves are never designed with tall people in mind, not just in cycling but universally. The problem is that short fingers cause the whole glove to sit high, and this is compounded when the glove palm is again smaller than the hand. So you end up with a really bad fit, with reduced finger dexterity, and less comfort. Tall & Chain has addressed this issue with its new glove. The fingers and thumb lengths have been increased, along with the palm, to provide taller riders with a glove that actually fits… like a glove! Not just amazing for cycling, in fact we have been using these gloves for running and even skiing in milder piste conditions!

These gloves have been tested in a range of colder weather conditions. In a headwind or descent, fingers can get too cold at around 6C. In low wind conditions, we have cycled in lower temperatures and the fingers have been fine. Silk liner gloves underneath can help, as they have some stretch, and we intend to offer more thermal glove options in the future.


  • The palm of the glove has a subtle honeycomb patterned silicone for grip and comfort, and some minor padding/protection across the top of the palm and at the wrist.
  • Towelling nose wipe on the thumb.
  • Touchscreen-friendly tip on thumb and first finger.
  • Back of the hand is water repellent (excluding the cuff).

Technical Details:

  • Main Fabric – 84% Polyester / 16% Elastane
  • Back of hand – 100% Polyester
  • Thumb towelling – 79% Cotton / 21% Polyester

Size Details:

Its best to take 2 measurements to help identify the best size glove for you. To identify the best length size, the easiest thing to do is measure the length of your middle finger. Look down onto the back of the hand and measure from the trough between the index and middle fingers up until the top of the middle finger.

  • 9.5cm or more = Angliru Length
  • under 9.5cm = Masca Length
  • If the length is under 9cm you will probably be better of with a regular brand of glove.

Now measure around your hand like this:

Palm Circumference:

  • 23cm or less = Climber Width
  • 24cm or more = Sprinter Width
  • If you are between the 2 widths then choose the Climber width if you prefer a snug glove fit, or the Sprinter Width if you prefer gloves to be easier to get on and off!

Once you have identified your optimum length and width you can select the best glove size for you:

  • Masca + Climber = Size MC (shorter/narrower option)
  • Masca + Sprinter = Size MS (shorter/wider option)
  • Angliru + Climber = Size AC (longer/narrower option)
  • Angliru + Sprinter = Size AS (longer/wider option)


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