Tall Fit Cycling Socks


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One Size  – UK11-14 (EU46-50)

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These socks are designed for tall riders, and at present they are only available in one size of UK11-14 (EU46-50).

They have a high leg length that extends towards the calf.

The mid-foot has a more breathable section.

Plain design to keep the inside of the sock as simple and comfortable as possible.

Despite being a large size, they are weighing in under 30 grams per sock, thanks to a lightweight technical yarn.


Care Instructions:
As with most brands of cycling socks, it is especially important to wash at low temperatures (30 max) and air dry – this is because the synthetic yarns used are susceptible to minor shrinkage when heat is used in the washing/drying processes. Unfortunately some situations mean that warmer washing or tumble drying can be essential, so we have added half a size on. If you find them too big for you then you can also consider washing warmer to help improve the fit…


Choice of 2 colours : black, green

Yarn Composition: 65% Polyamide / 30% Polyester / 3% Elastane / 2% Elastodiene

Weight: 55g (pair)


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Black, Green

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