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Available in 2 height, 2 width options

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Currently shipping with a free pair of gloves worth £24. Please check the glove sizing information and let us know your ideal glove size in your delivery message. If you don’t match the glove sizes then we can alternatively include a pair of black socks and a pair of green socks instead.

Even the best jacket can’t protect you from the elements if you are taller than it is designed for. Water, wind and cold will find its way in… So we have developed this jacket with inspiration from the market leaders in order to solve this problem…

The main fabric comprises of two 30D interlocked polyester layers, sandwiching a breathable PTFE layer, and a water repelling coating to the outside, much like the many softshell jackets out there. However this one has longer body and arms which help protect taller cyclists from rain, wind and cold draughts. In particular the length of the arms are oversized to ensure even at the taller end of the size range, riders can still have their jacket covering over the glove cuff.

We have tested this jacket over several iterations in development, and it has stood up well against some really harsh conditions. As is standard with softshells, it is not completely waterproof, but even after testing in an hour of heavy rainfall, the undertop nothing more than a bit damp – importantly the core of the body underneath remained dryish and warm.

We have also tested this jacket down to temperatures below zero. With a jersey underneath, and in low winds and the dry it was ok (avoiding any fast speeds like descending). In the extreme, using the side vents it is comfortable to ride in nearer 20C temps too, but really its best in the 6-16C range (depending on other factors).

This jacket has a lot of the standard features you’d expect:

  • The zip is easy to adjust with a cord pull
  • Breathable underarms
  • Side zip vents
  • Collar mesh fabric for neck comfort
  • Reflective branding on the back
  • 2 large rear pockets

If you have used a softshell jacket before, you will know that with 3 rear pockets that are too high up for a taller rider, its difficult to access them, and having a larger hand with a glove makes it even harder. This jacket naturally has pockets lower down, being a longer jacket. There are also only 2 jackets, rather than 3 to make them easier to access still. What sets them apart even further is that they are stretchy pockets and not made with the same softshell fabric. This means that they are exposed to the elements, so why have we done this? Well firstly a lot of things you might find in a back pocket can get wet without problem, or you can use for example a zip lock bag to help provide some protection. But with this jacket the side vents have been sized and positioned so you can access the rear pockets of a jersey underneath. This allows better protection for the things that need it, but means the jacket pockets can be much easier to use.


Choosing the optimum size

IMPORTANT: Please go through sizing information, and contact us at if you are unsure. We will work with you to return the jacket and gloves if you are not happy with the fit…

Please refer to the size guide for more information on how our sizing works.

  • Which height? The Angliru sizes have longer arms and torso than the Masca sizes. As per the size guide, if you are 2m or over then the Angliru height will be best, and the Masca height if you are less than 2m. If you are close to being in between the sizes, consider if you have a longer torso for your height, or you might just want to opt for the longer length to ensure maximum protection.
  • Which width? This is where the chart is of less help, due to a manufacturing fault leaving it tighter across the shoulders. If you have “cyclist arms” then the chart is still about right, but if you have broader shoulders then the best way is to add up to 5kg to your weight, and see where that puts you on the chart. If you are between 2 widths then we recommend you try the wider size. Surprisingly a customer who is 130kg and 210cm is happy with the AS size jacket, with it being ‘on the snug side but very workable’.
  • For reference, the photos in the product gallery show the AC size jacket being worn by a rider who is 1.99m tall and 94kgs. The rider is right in the centre of the chart, but prefers the AC for maximum length.



Technical Details:

  • Main Fabric – 100% Polyester Interlock / PTFE / interlock.  Waterproof level 3,000mm H2O.
  • Contrast panels – 82% Polyester / 18% Elastane
  • Inner collar mesh – 90% Polyester / 10% Elastane

Caring for your jacket

Please read our care page for washing instructions. If you want to top up the water protection there are a variety of softshell spray products available…

Independent Review:

Tested in Ireland at 13C , initially cloudy, later moderate rain, light breeze, 32km /20 mile loop with around 350m of ascent at approx 25kph 200W.
Felt good straight out of the packaging . High quality with plenty of length in the arms and especially in the body with good coverage for my arse. Fits snugly in the shoulders, a little less compression on the belly. No concerns about the fit of the cuff other than below…
Because I carry a good bit of weight in my shoulders (almost 60 years of rugby and rowing) the jacket tightened up a bit too much when on the hoods, which made the cuff ride up to expose my watch on one arm and a couple of cm of skin on the other leaving a gap between the cuff and glove. Oddly enough I felt less pull on my shoulders when on the drops.
I wore a  super light  summer base layer and light short sleeve jersey under the jacket which meant that when I left the house my lower arms were initially cool under I got my HR up . After that, it was perfect for the weather , 13C and rain. The jacket breathed well and didn’t build up perspiration or allow any water ingress , it remained dry on the inside albeit over a very short loop due to time pressure
Comparisons: the only bit of Castelli kit I like is their Corsa ROS jacket which is a direct competitor but exactly, to the penny, three times the price . The ROS is a bit tighter on the sleeve and more flexible across the back and shoulder panel, but does not do as good a job at covering my arse
In conclusion, the tallandchain jacket is a quality piece of kit that is a game changer for tall cyclists who find it hard to buy good quality cycle clothing online or in bike shops. I have every confidence in your high standard of workmanship and fabrics.  I’ll have no hesitation in recommending the jacket to tall friends.


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