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Available in 3 width options

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Mitts do not have the same issues as gloves when it comes to fitting tall cyclists. However when the palm size is too small, the whole geometry of the gel padding and protection becomes wrong, and there is a reduction in comfort too. We have a unique palm shape and have maximised the space to get the most from it. The positioning and orientation of the gel padding is the most important factor, but there is still space for plenty of other features:

  • Gel padding orientated for riding on the tops and drops/hoods
  • Full lightweight mesh fabric over the top of the hands, for warmer temperatures
  • Ventilation holes in the palm for breathability
  • Small nose wipe on the inside of the thumb
  • No velcro or fasteners, just fits with stretch
  • Protection panel along the palm top
  • Silicone covered finger pulls for easier removal

Size Guide:

There are no height options with the mitts, because the benefit has shown to be negligible. Instead we’ve introduced a 3rd width option:

  • Size C (Climber) – Circumference around palm up to 23cm
  • Size S (Sprinter) – Circumference around palm up to 24cm
  • Size D (Descender) – Circumference around palm up to 25cm

If you are close between 2 sizes, we recommend taking extra time to identify your palm dimension. If it is still hard to determine, both options should fit – you can choose to go for a closer fit or for a pair that are slightly easier to get on and off.

Technical Details:

  • Mesh – 94% Polyester / 6% Elastane
  • Palm – 55% Polyamide / 45% Polyurethane
  • Mock suede – 100% Polyester
  • Contrast – 75% Polyamide / 25% Elastane

C, D, S

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