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when it comes to sizing, we've got you covered (including your midriff!)

Put your tape measures away! We want to re-think the way clothing is sized… As long as you know your height and weight then you can typically identify your ideal size just with that.

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We know how this is normally done. Measure your chest and from that alone you get a size. If you are 43″ do you go for say a size L at 42″, or stay safe with an XL at 44″? And no mention, or little mention, of lengths – it is time to do things differently…

Most of our garments come in 2 height options and 2 width options, depending on where your height/weight puts you on the above graph. 90kg and 195cm equates to the Masca Climber size, or “MC”, for example.

  • Angliru – Named after the mighty “Alto de l’Angliru” climb in northern Spain. If you are over 2m (6ft7) then these are the sizes for you.
  • Masca – Named after the less mighty climb out of Masca in Tenerife. If you are under 2m (6ft7) then the Masca sizes apply to you.
  • Climber – This is the leaner width version of the Angliru and Masca sizes.
  • Sprinter – A wider version of the Angliru and Masca sizes.

What if you are on or near a line? Well, firstly you can be confident that either size should fit you better than other garments on the market, but with a few considerations you will be able to make the optimum choice. Perhaps you prefer a slightly shorter arm length, you might choose a Masca jersey, or if your quads are particularly impressive then you might be more comfortable with a Sprinter size. 

Thats it!? No tape measures!? Well, what we have learned already is that everyone is different. Perhaps a longer body compared to legs, or maybe shorter fingers, for example. So we have included some measurement information with our products to help ensure you will select the best size. 

If you are just outside the fringes of the sizes, there is a chance other brands will be better able to help you, but there is also scope in the future to expand our size matrix to encompass more heights and widths! We have fitted a cyclist who is 212cm tall and 120kgs with our AS size, so its always worth asking us before resorting to other brands!

This jersey is a width size too big, but not a bad fit - if your height and weight are outside the fringes of our size graph, it doesn't mean we can't help you...

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